Vertex IN-250 Galones

Skimmer para acuarios hasta 250 Galones
Precio base con impuestos$10,200.00
Precio de venta$9,180.00
Descuento-1,020.00 $
Precio / kg:

Amongst the many progresses in Marine Aquaria, the use of Protein Skimmers was, by far, one of the greatest milestones. Since their inception, there has been much advancement in the design and functionality of Protein Skimming. The Vertex™ IN-Series utilize these technologies to their greatest effect while offering you the best value for your investment.


Superior Performance

Powerful motor pumps drive precision Needle Wheel Rotors to introduce large amounts of air and water into the skimmer body. This is done without compromising continuous delivery and velocity due to the turbulence reducing bubble plate chamber. The result is a consistent foam head and nutrient extraction.



Vertex™ IN-Series Skimmers represent the Ultimate solution to noise reduction. Rotors engineered with the incredible strength of Rare Earth Phosphor Magnets and the frictionless ride of ceramic shafts, polished to an exceptionally high gloss, ensure that the entire impeller assembly spins with amazingly nominal resistance and vibration.



Removal of the collection cup has never been as effortless. Messy union locks and twist caps used by other competing products have been replaced by a Slip-Lock seal; minimalism simplifying your routine.


Plug and Play

Every Vertex™ IN-Series Skimmers is packaged ready-in-box for immediate use in your system.


Exclusive Features

  • Quality cast-acrylic construction for long life.
  • Advanced pin-wheel design for maximum performance.
  • Effective conical reaction chamber.
  • Turbulence reducing bubble plate sits low in skimmer body, increase reaction chamber volume.
  • Easy to use Slip-Lock neck connection.
  • Hassle-free, built in skimmate drain.
  • Advanced air-silencer draws only moist air to keep the venturi clog free.
  • Effortless adjustment; truly set and forget.


Technical Data

  • Footprint 15¼" x 10¾"
  • Height 31½"
  • Diameter 8"
  • 1020 lph @ 55W
  • Rated up to 250gal
  • Requires minimum of 14" of water depth for operation